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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Generasi Baru USB

I am delighted to introduce Kingston's first USB 3.0 drive - Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0.
DTU30 will be launched  in September.
It targets to the power users who need ultra speed and higher capacity.

Product name- Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0
Product image:

Target customer: Power users who need ultra speed USB 3.0 drive
Capacities —  16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Part NumberDTU30/16GB           (white & silver)
                                 DTU30/32GB            (white & silver)
                                 DTU30/64GB            (white & silver)
Operating Temperatures — 32° to 140° F / 0° to 60° C
Storage Temperatures — -4° to 185° F / -20° - 85° C
Simple —  just plug into a USB port
Speed  — USB 3.0 interface: 80MB/s-read / 60MB/s-write
                      USB 2.0 interface (with Y-Cable): 30MB/s-read & write
                      USD2.0 interface (w/o Y-cable): standard USB2.0 read & write speed

(USB 3.0 can be backwards compatible with USB2.0 but the speed will be limited to USB2.0 speed.
 Otherwise, improving the performance by Y-cable.) Kingston do not provide Y cable, and users should buy Y cable separately if they need.

Guaranteed — five year warranty
Launch Date September, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Keputusan CIE A Level Jun 2010

Tadi di Great Hall KYUEM ada perhimpunan mingguan macam biasa. Isi paling penting, keputusan A Level 2010 boleh diperiksa pada 12 Ogos seperti yang tercatat kat borang yang ada password dan username untuk dapatkan keputusan kat myresults.cie.org.uk. Teruskan berdoa.


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