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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the ball is round

huih..after almost 5years i'm not playing basketball for several reasons and concentrating on zapin and studies, finally, today i'm back to the basketball court(ceh..ayat cam star je..padahal tak power mana pon..huhu).
this is my 1st time to play basketball at this college after about 1 n a half sem.so,as my 1st time,it was quite tiring.. i even not played until the end of the game with others.actually,i got asthma since 8years old.that's why i asked darimi to replace me just now and i think i can't continue anymore bcause xtremly tired..
furthermore,i'm fasting today. btw,i felt really puas to throw the ball into the ring...i don't know whether i will play again after this..erm....

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1 comment:

Rabiatul Adawiah Sulaiman said...

waa.. puase2 pon semangat :)


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