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Saturday, September 27, 2008


last monday,i went to my former school, sms johor.i was not alone becoz syamok and tapau also visited our beloved school as we break for hari raya earlier than other unis and colleges.

hmm..nothing much changed at the school.the lecture hall still cannot be used becoz the chairs still not arrive.the guard uniform changed to blue colour from yellow-brown previously..but the most obvious is the surau tercinta was painted to new colour.previous colour was green which was calm and peaceful but the new colour is orange.according to Cikgu Haliza,the surau was painted by army from RAMD (rejimen askar melayu diraja) as a social work.besides that a good news from the junior (form5 this year),they got 1st rank for additional maths and engineering drawing(as usual) for the sbp trial exam.totally their ranking is 8 out of 54 sbps.i think maybe the ranking is quite good becoz many candidates dropped EST(which is the destroyer of swifter's spm result to be no12)..less than 20 students take EST this year.hopefully this result will maintain or improve during the real spm examination..amin

so ,i think that's all i can story2 about my visit to an excellent school ,smsj!!

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S.Y.U.K. said...

<<..but the most obvious is the surau tercinta was painted to new colour>>

fairoza: pencinta surau..


inilah remaja harapan negara..

Syafiq Haziq said...

jeles gle aq..
jom blik mnggu ni..


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