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Monday, February 23, 2009

Strategi 'halal'

could not be denied,anything they did is lawful and no hidden agenda(for them)..biasa r..when they think they are too 'maksum',everything is right for them but wrong for others..

ceteknya fikiran!!
now,after put sultan's decision aside by suspending a MB and his excos,they want to ask for sidang tergempar immediately..uih..lemak r..that's 'mengelat' and cheating..

but i wonder why people still don't bother to be cheated..maybe they are xtremely obsess to them or we call it taksub..

dangkal sungguh!!  
don't they think,although they win they vote of no confident towards the current MB,how about if the suspending period is over,ppl will then do another vote of no confident to them..and then it will make the administration for the state become trouble.
luckily,perak's sultan is a patient leader.they supposely grateful to have a Sultan like that. although they've denied sultan'decision,they still want to ask belas kasihan from the Sultan to make a sidang tergempar just to take over the power..aduhai..entah2,if sultan doesn't allow their request,they still want to do that like waht has happen before..kononnya mohon derhaka from the sultan but they still derhaka although the Sultan didn't say taht he allows them to derhaka..like analogy that i wrote in the previous entry,our friends want to borrow our eraser and ask the permission from us..but,although we are not allowing them to borrow the rubber,they just take the eraser and don't care our decision.

this is their new strategy to get power..
watch out!

please return the peacefulness in Malaysia..get rid all the chaos..
are they the most suitable ppl to become leaders?...MENGARUT!!!

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syafiq haziq said...

in this case, do you really know who is right?
better if u don't write something that you are not really sure and know about the truth.
maybe you know about your writing, but make sure also that you know the real issue.
don't just follow the others..

pardon me.

Fairosza said...

do i mentioned who is rigth or wrong?any?i wrote what is actually happening..they didn't agree with sultan's decision,right?they think they are all right,right?they ask for sidang tergempar,right?no doubt..is it not true?plus,i didn't mention any name..so,if the reader think who is suit with this writing,it depends on to their opinion bcoz everyone have diff opinion.last question, so,what is wrong with the writing??
(apa yer jawapannya??pikir2 la sendiri..)

syafiq haziq said...

but u mean it.
who else doing so?

Fairosza said...

as i told,we got diff opinion..maybe i mean it,but other person might not be mean it..understood?hehe..
back to fitrah..do not condem whoever who has different opinion with us..don't be like them..only think that they are right..other person is all wrong..they do can that,but others can't..
similar to wahabi,they will not allow people to have different thought..they want to betray the fitrah that we got various thinking style.that's the beauty of Islam..please don't betray it,...please.......

korg cuti bile..aku cuti next week ni..kalo saeng leh g sekolah nt.tu pon kalo ada mase r..nak abiskan lesen dulu..hehe
cuba bace ni plak.. http://beli-tong.blogspot.com/2009/02/serabut.html
tgok cara aku tulis..bukan cam penarek beca tu..hstraight to the point..baik pegi nasihatkan dia..biar cover2 sket kalo nak tulis
btol tak!


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