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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reinventing The Palm Oil Industry

on last friday,as i said before, i went to a workshop organised by FELDA..the programme held at felda residence tekam resort,jerantut.actually, i really didn't have any idea what the workshop all about.same goes to the other 11 friends.we departured from the college at about 12.15 and reached felda HQ(kl) at about 1.15pm.the boys went to friday prayer at masjid utm kl.then,we went to jerantut by bus after having our lunch at dewan perdana felda with other participants or senior participants obout 10people from other ........dewan perdana felda
company such as proton,motorola and mimos.i felt very nervous to have a workshop with these profesional guys.

all of us reached the resort at about 7.30pm and we stay in chalet.the chalet supposely for 4person but we were distributed 2person each chalet.blh bayangkan x betapa puasnya hati..

kitorang disambut cam vip siap kene pakai bunga loceng lagi cam budak..huhu

ma'ang;chaletmate aku..

tulis base melayu je lah.cam skema plak report ni dlm base inggeris..
pastu,mlmnya plak,ada sikit intro briefing about felda and their problems.nmpak fail kt seblah ni tak.peh lawa giler.kitorg memang xcaya fail felda ni memang gempak.pastu lepas briefing tu,kitorang diberi plak setiap seorang rm100 as allowance for us.tak sangka tol,dah la dijemput dtg pastu dpt duit lagi.yg golongan profesional dpt rm250 tapi tak kesahla seratus pon banyak jugak ape..
to be continue...

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1 comment:

Syafiq Haziq said...

ko ingt bes sgt r dpt duet 100..
x bes lngsng cite ko.
sbb x abes.


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