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Monday, May 3, 2010

Significant reply, although it's just a reply

Datuk Ahmad bin Maslan is a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's department. Last Friday (30 April 2010) was his birthday and I wished him through facebook. I'd never expected he will reply the message. I was shocked when I checked my notifications and he read and replied my message. Although it was just a reply or he copied and pasted for all birthday wishes, it is meaningful because the message is from a deputy minister. I still remember when I got my SPM result, the Parliament representative for my residence area, Dato' Hishammudin, knew my result and then he wished congratulation to me, in front of me, during a visit to my hometown. Yeah, for me, it was more valuable than a sum of money and I really appreciate it.
Datuk Ahmad Maslan is an ex-student of my former school, SMS Johor.

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Hasrol Nizam said...

owh, tak pernah dapat komen dari mereka.. =)

Fairosza said...

hasrol nizam:xpe2...bersabaq no..hehe

Ega-Priatma said...

Aduh, perlu translate dulu


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