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Friday, December 4, 2009

ayuh kembali ke sekolah

Ayuh kembali ke sekolah
Ayuh kembali ke new era
Ke sekolah lagi
Ke new era lagi...
(New Era commercial song)

Yesterday, i went to my previous school (yes,sm sains johor la,apa lg) with Dr Syafiq Haziq,Hakim the Pharmacist and Cekgu Hasif.
our mission was to see ustaz zakaria.to discuss about programme for the next year BADAR[badan dakwah tarbiah]committee.
dulu the nama was PPI[persatuan pelajar islam] which is lagi smart kot.then i found that it was changed recently.

syafiq haziq(or perhaps syaziq sbb it is too long la 2 words) came to my house at about 12pm (and I was sleeping that time because i slept at 4am last night).hasif came with him from batu pahat.

then,we ate at bumbung hijau(common food court at kluang town) and then we all going to niyor to take hakim.

reached sms johor at about 2 pm and amazed by many new constructions at school.

it was school holiday.only form5 student were there.suddenly, I saw a budak kecik with Darjah Khas(the highest grade for Sek Agama Johor) uniform.Ooo the Form 1 students are allowed to stay at school to sit for their Sijil Darjah Khas Agama exam at Sek Agama Bandar Kluang.Good2..my beloved school support them like how they support me when I sit for that exam.

then we went to melepas kan rindu by pusing2 around school.
we met cikgu khai(the vice principal).He took our photo using his phone.he said he want to show as role model(lah sangat) to student next year.We all(except me..haha) became shy-shy cat.
we also met another few more teachers.

went to lepak2 at surau Al-Ehsan (waa,kangen bangat sama kamu incik alEhsan).We discussed the point to be discussed with ustaz.We have to wait until 6pm because ustaz had some businesses to be settled.We finished the meeting with ustaz at around 7pm at a warung near to school.

then,went back to school to see warden.We met Mr.K, Mr.Rozman, Mr.Majid and Ustaz Asyraf.
Mr.Majid served us with some sandwich and tea.

At 9.30pm,we went to Radix Fried Chicken to have dinner before back home.
Finally I reached home at about 11pm.

*thanx to syaziq-drove along.

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♫♫Remaja Komputer♫♫ said...

ayuh ke plkn..lagu ditukar..hahah...bukan ke sekolah lagi..heheh

Fairosza said...

mentg2 dh spm..seronok la yer...btw jgn lpe solat hajat n doa banyak2..gud luck

falah said...

wah3..best3..skolah pon dah cntik..nio yg smgt nk dtg,...hahaha


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